NBA 2k17 Locker Codes Released news

NBA 2k17 MT is just around the corner and new news are coming every day. But, there has been a rather huge development this week when the NBA 2k17 Locker Codes were leaked on Twitter.

Are NBA 2k17 Locker Codes leaked? This news has brought happiness to all of the NBA 2k17 Pre-Order holders as they will be the first to play the game when released.

locker Codes for NBA games started from NBA 2k16 as they improvised the key feature in the select menu. Previously, they were used by developers like EA to offer up bonuses and trading points to distract the gamers from ongoing bug repairs. However, the trend of Locker Codes caught on and now reportedly NBA 2k17 Locker Codes are leaked.
ALL NBA 2k17 Locker Codes Released? Or it this just a scam?

here have not been any official claim by NBA2k or 2k Sports that all of the locker codes are out. In fact, the way we see it, it would not be a smart move to release the Locker Codes for NBA 2k17 this early. However, the head of 2k Sports tweeted something that seems to confirm that NBA 2k17 Locker Codes are in fact released.

2k Head Ronniee2k tweeted the NBA 2k17 Locker Codes that could also be used in NBA 2k16 improve player experience.
The locker code will be used to unlock high rated players or legendary cards or free items and free bonuses. More NBA 2k17 Locker Codes will be released in upcoming weeks before the game is actually released.

NBA 2k17 Locker Codes
These NBA 2k17 Locker Codes seem to work


Random item: MYSTERY
2K TV shirt for MyPlayer: #2KTVHEYGUYS

We will be providing you with Locker Codes as they get released in time. DID THESE LOCKER CODES WORK FOR YOU?

Creativity Shines in the Pokémon TCG World Championships

Anyone keeping track of the 2016 Pokémon TCG Standard format knows how dominant Night March decks were for nearly the entire year. Players at Worlds can’t be faulted for expecting the same thing to happen at the World Championships, and many accepted the philosophy of “use a Night March deck, or use a deck that can beat it.” However, the 2016 Pokémon TCG World Championships ended up being one of the most exciting and unpredictable tournaments in years. Among the three different age divisions, six different decks made it to the finals—and not a single one was a Night March deck. onixgo

The remarkable diversity we saw at the 2016 Pokémon TCG US National Championships certainly continued into the World Championships. Among the three age divisions, more than 10 different decks were used by Top 8 finishers, and nearly 20 different strategies finished in the Top 32. In a season that was dominated by Night March decks, only one made it to the Top 4 in any age division. Not only did different kinds of decks have success, but completely different styles did, too. The three winning decks used different mechanics to win: Shunto Sadahiro’s Pokémon–EX deck, Jesper Eriksen’s BREAK Evolution deck, and Shintaro Ito’s Mega Evolution deck. Opportunity for creativity and innovation in the Pokémon TCG environment is huge, and that was proven at this year’s World Championships.

Looking ahead to the 2017 Play! Pokémon season, the metagame seems wide open. With the Night March deck and many other top strategies phasing out of the Standard format, there’s an opportunity for new combinations of cards to emerge in tournament play. If players learn anything from this year’s World Championships, it should be that there’s always something new to discover. Perhaps this year’s results will inspire players to push even harder to find the next big thing. Maybe the next Mega Audino-EX deck is out there, but nobody has put all the pieces together yet.

Be sure to follow along at our website Strategy all season long for the latest updates on strategy, tournament results, and more. We’ll see you at the next big tournament, Trainers! Now you have enough time to prepar that, thats will be  amazing and fantastic,lets looking forward to it.

Pokemon will open Hollywoods theme park

Buy Cheap Pokemon Go Account made so much money in the last two months that it’s outgrossing Hollywood hits.
Video games doing better than Hollywood isn’t a totally new story; Call of Duty regularly takes out entertainment launch records, and its annual gross is hilariously weighty. Nevertheless, it’s not common and it’s especially amazing for Pokemon Go, a free app Nintendo and Niantic barely bothered to advertise.

As for the Nintendo have a lot of action this year, except two games “Animal Crossing” and “Fire Emblem” which will debut on the phone, they also announced  to launch Nintendo theme park with Osaka Universal Studios amusement park.

Chair of the Nintendo America branch said: ” This is a great opportunity for us, the most satisfaction part is that the cooperation between Nintendo and Universal Studios are very successful. They not only strong expertise also very familiar on Nintendo IP. We will bring more magical experience for visitors soon. ”

Nintendo revealed the theme park hits primarily by immersive experience, smart phones will act as an important role, for example, combined with emerging VR and AR technologies.

For this partnership, Nintendo will invest $ 351 million to Universal Studios, and will built a park which area close to the Harry Potter’s magical world park in the Universal Studios japan upcoming 2020. But Universal Studios and Nintendo has not announced a specific campus design yet.

In order to maintain IP heat, Nintendo must attempt to introduce new products and services. Open a theme park is only one part of it, as well as making some lovely cash for Niantic, Pokemon Go’s success triggered spikes in Nintendo’s stock and increased sales of recent Pokemon games on 3DS. We expect Pokemon Sun & Moon to go gangbusters, too.

A woman created the world’s first Pokemon GO helmet

Pokemon Go demands players to stare at their phones while chasing after Pokemon. It’s very easy to cause traffic accidents if the players pay all attention to the game. Actually all the players done this way. Since its launch, it quickly became a global phenomenon and was one of the most used mobile apps, reportedly having been downloaded by more than 100 million people worldwide. At the same time, more and more problems appeared. Traffic accidents, violent events or murder.

People are addicted in the game. They leave their houses in the midnight or leave their children alone for capturing Pokemon. On the other aspect, if you always let the screen alight, the battery will be damaged quickly. Recently somebody solve this problem. Youtuber Simone Giertz has put her enthusiasm for robotics to very good use and created the world’s first Pokemon GO helmet for people like yourself. Simone uploaded a video to her Youtube channel that showcases the hilariously cumbersome helmet when she tries it on for fans.

The video’s description explains the reasoning behind Simone’s creation as it reads, “I made a helmet with a smartphone case so that you can walk with your phone in front of your face without any hassle and play Pokémon Go. Pokemon Go Account For Sale Who needs interacting with people anyway.” In the video, Simone can be found displaying the helmet full-force. Pitching the creation as if she were a desperated used car salesman, Simone then goes on to highlight the helmet’s various features. For example, wearing the headgear will let trainers catch ‘em all with their face or even tongue.

The helmet also frees up players’ hands, allowing them to be used for things like “getting an education, giving people the finger, punching people, scratching parts of your body you don’t want other people to see that you’re scratching.” Simone tells viewers, “Pokemon GO isn’t just a game; It’s a lifestyle. Introducing the world’s first Pokemon GO helmet.” As for her selling points, Simone goes straight for the jugular, stressing the helmet is safe, convenient, and stuffed with sex appeal.

You, however, can be the judge of whether she’s right about those points or not. The creator promises that using the helmet will give you “more degrees of freedom than America. You won’t know what to do with all the freedom you have with this helmet.” So, clearly, the Swedish Youtuber is up-to-date on all things Pokemon and American patriotism. Pokémon Go Account However, if you’re actually interested in buying the piece, then you’re about to be sorely disappointed. Simone ends the video by telling viewers the helmet isn’t for sale and that she has “no plan to sell this helmet because this helmet makes me feel stupid.”

PokeNotify is developed for solving the battery problem of Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is a free-to-play, location-based augmented reality game developed and published by Niantic for iOS and Android devices. In the game, players use a mobile device’s GPS capability to locate, capture, battle, and train Pokémon. The Pokémon Go player as a trainer catch more Pokémon, he will get more opportunity to catch rare Pokémon. In the game, you should find Pokéstops to get items and gyms for leveling up. All Pokémon, Pokéstops and gyms you can find in the real place.

The game fuse the virtual space and real space together. Since Pokémon Go’s Canadian release on Android and iOS devices on July 17, within its first week of the launch, Pokémon Go became the most downloaded app of all time in the App Store and, on Aug. 1, hit 100 million downloads. It’s really popular now. Pokémon Go Account You can see the people in the street almost staring at their phones and catching the virtual creatures. The developer of Pokémon Go has updated the game several times. But there are still some regular problems existing. The biggest problem with the game as it normally is- it requires keeping the app open while looking for creatures, which can quickly drain the phone’s battery and bring sessions to an end.

A Pokemon Go player has created a special tool named PokeNotify that solved some of the app’s biggest problems. PokeNotify can run in the background on Android phones and alert them when they’re near a Pokemon. That solves the biggest problem. Trainers get to pick which Pokemon they’re looking for so that the app won’t buzz all the time. They can also use the in-game map without walking around, so they know where to head for to look for Pokemon – something that isn’t really possible at the moment because of a glitch in the game.

To fix that problem, the app runs in the background and looks to see when a phone’s owner goes past somewhere that is a Pokemon Go location. If they do, it will bring up a pop-up alert and tell them that the Pokemon is nearby, so that they can open up the app. At the moment, the app is available only for Android. Pokemon Go Account For Sale The developer has said that he is working on an iOS version – but it’s still unclear whether or not it will be available in the App Store since borrowing the map from the game could be seen as breaking its rules.

Nintendo has already said that the makers of Pokemon Go will be bringing out a special wearable that will attach to people’s wrist and give them alerts when Pokemon are nearby. Presumably the app will have to be updated to run in the background in advance of that – but it isn’t clear whether people without the wearable will get the ability to get notifications. The app requires users to login with a Pokemon go account. But it doesn’t require that a user logs in with the one they’re using – the app suggests that people instead sign in with a separate one, in case developers Niantic look to ban people who use the app.


Players can easily set it up via the RuneScape website

Players can easily set it up via the RuneScape website. Once the update is set up, it will function as a code generator app by generating a code containing six digits, much similar to that of Android, Blackberry, and iOS phones. All you have to do is enter the code each time you log into your account from a new PC. From there on, you can set the account to remember the computer you logged in from for 30 days, or as per your wish.

If you are lucky enough to acquire a statue from a balloon drop or through a portal, they will automatically be added to the right statue plinth in the Anniversary garden. There are 15 statues in total – one statue to represent each RuneScape year. Don’t worry if you don’t partake in celebrations for the next 4 weeks. The portals will stay around for the entire year so you may stumble across a few on your adventures! The Legacy Mode Beta Update provides gamers with more options than ever before.

The major changes that the update brings you are in terms of refinements and bug fixes, which have certainly pleased the majority of the gamers. Find eight statues and you will unlock RuneScape Classic’s Skilling thought bubble animation! These can be used on 19 in-game skills but will not represent Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged, Magic, Constitution and Dungeoneering. The 2D billboard thought bubbles can be toggled via the miscellaneous game settings menu.

As you move around, cities and towers are visible on the horizon, while lush landscapes roll away from you. It stops Runescape from feeling so enclosed and really shows how massive the world is. HTML5 also means that you’ve got more control over the camera and you can move the viewpoint a full 360-degrees, zoom in and out, and even see the sky for the first time. WebGL means that softer shadows and reflective water can be used for the first time, too. You can see the differences in the game by comparing the two screenshots below.

UK – Dec 16, 2015 – Jagex Games Studio, creators of the fantasy MMORPG RuneScape, have confirmed today a wealth of new rs 07 gold content launching throughout 2016 to celebrate the game’s 15 th anniversary. Andrew and Paul Gower — the founders of RuneScape back in 2001 — are returning as guest designers for a “Gower Quest” due for release in spring 2016. A new game client technology that will take RuneScape’s visuals to a new level of fidelity will also be introduced, together with four quests that conclude the epic God Wars storyline that started in 2013.

A new skill – Invention — will be introduced to the game, allowing players to personalize weapons and armor, and make them more technically advanced. Don’t worry about your New Year Resolution’s or your post-Christmas diet plan; this is one of the few times where cake will actually make you healthier! Once every three minutes, you can help yourself to a slice of the birthday cake if you’re feeling peckish, to rs gold for sale regain HP scaled to your Constitution level.

Runescape game membership is great

Runescape membership is great, you can do so much compared to what you can do in a free to play world, and there are lots more skills to pursue, including slayer, and hunter. Unfortunately, some people are too young for a buy rs gold credit card, or parents are going through financial difficulties. That is why we give this alternative to buying membership with real money. This way, you can Earn a free runescape membership. With this Runescape Membership Generator you will be able to generate free 1-12 months runescape membership codes with just 2 clicks of mouse.

The codes get updates daily to ensure everyone will get their own personal code. No two codes are the same so you will always have access to your free membership! Runescape, the free-to-start, previously browser-based MMORPG is launching its official game client, called NXT. A hacker has been arrested for stealing players’ identities, skills, weapons and virtual money in an online computer game. As far as incremental games go, AdVenture Capitalist was one of the most effective at reeling me in and holding tight. We had such a lovely capture bond for a while there. The team behind that title, Hyper Hippo, is continuing its work in the genre with an upcoming PC and mobile game based on RuneScape of all things.

I suppose if Katamari is up for the treatment, anyone is. In the first case of its kind, the 23-year-old man was held for hijacking hundreds of teenage boys’ accounts to gain access to their hard-won virtual abilities. The boys were taking part in RuneScape, a medieval fantasy game which has more than 100million players worldwide. Fantasy: A scene from the game RuneScape in which a hacker stole players’ identities and used their virtual money, skills and weapons. Fantasy: A scene from the game RuneScape in which a hacker stole players’ identities and used their virtual money, skills and weapons.

Players to start up the game, make whatever decisions they need to make at that point regarding their character(s), and then proceed to let that character head out and do what needs to be done in real time. This can be anything from training, leveling up, and questing. The genre is called Idle because once you’ve set everything up in-game, you can then leave the game to do whatever else you feel like doing, letting the game take care of itself in the process. Sort of like those infomercials for cooking items used to say: “Set it and forget it”.

Essentially, this is a more relaxed style of gameplay but Jagex is saying that there will be a lot of content and deep character customization available. It’ll also have a “light-hearted, comedic story, with nuggets of RuneScape lore unveiled” for fan of the franchise to enjoy. This game will also feature cross-platform support, so you can log into it on your mobile device to check into the game while on the go, and then on your PC while at home.

NXT means better performance for RuneScape, and a lot of visual improvements including expanded viewing distances, dynamic shadows and lighting effects. Runescape developer Jagex says they’ve tested NXT extensively to get the most out of players’ hardware. Jagex plans to phase out the previous Java-based client soon, depending on how well NXT’s launch goes. The developer says this will free up resources needed to make further improvements to NXT instead of maintaining two clients. For now, rs gold for sale players using NXT will be playing with users of the old Java client, and will retain their progress over both versions.

RuneScape is almost an entirely different game

The non-free-to-play portion of RuneScape is almost an entirely different game. Paying the monthly membership fee basically unlocks 75% of the content. Most of the map, quests, skills, and mini-games are exclusive to members only. It should be said that the monthly membership is cheaper than most MMORPGs, at £5.99/$9.49 a month. However, as a free-to-play player, you are missing out on a huge amount of content if you don’t fork over some money.

The game also features one of the most devious forms of microtransactions: gambling. Players can buy keys to unlock virtual buy rs gold chests that can have some pretty valuable items inside. But to the younger generation, free is the new normal, from music to television to all that porn they’re probably watching. Their first MMO was MapleStory or Runescape, not World of Warcraft. And with so much free entertainment out there, they’re becoming more discerning. They won’t play a bad game just because it’s free, because there are plenty of free good games competing for their time.

“Really bad games do not do well in the free-to-play space—it’s incredibly Darwinian,” Schubert said. “But with a $60 boxed product, all you really have to do is get that money and then it’s fire and forget. The new ‘pay-through-play’ currency is intended to ensure every part of the game’s community – likely including a huge teenage contingent without easy access to credit cards – can enjoy premium content “during these tough economic times”.

“The launch of Bonds for RuneScape is a really positive move, which will improve the game’s economy and give players more choice in how they get membership,” said executive producer Phil Mansell. “We care as passionately about RuneScape as the game’s community. At worst, open-world games fail to offer compelling direction, like a vast Netflix queue filled with so many choices that it’s paralyzing.

I have this problem with the Elder Scrolls games, which offer everything in the world except for a reason to be there. Even more dismaying, a bad open-world game can seem utterly pointless. The setting of Watch_Dogs offers so little in the way of coherency or thoughtful design that it barely justifies its existence. For a long time, I dealt with these issues by avoiding open-world games entirely, rs gold for sale or approaching them like a linear game: Sucking the marrow out of the story and leaving the rest behind.

Some of 2014’s biggest triple-A, $60 games were riddled with bugs, glitches, and other problems. Many players simply quit Halo: The Master Chief Collection when its multiplayer situation was in disarray, but that didn’t get their $60 back. This introduces a pay-to-win aspect that is a little weird. Granted, the keys are relatively cheap and they give you the option to earn keys for free by completing surveys, but that doesn’t give Jagex, or any other game company, an excuse to take advantage of their players.

Each Legend has their own unique playstyle in Runescape

Like the best card games, Chronicle makes players strive for tactical mastery while keeping them on their toes in a constant threat of unpredictability. Because each Legend has their own unique playstyle, encounters against those like the gold-hoarding Ozan are entirely different from those against Ariane, who deals damage more directly. Legend Customization has been introduced, allowing players to give their Legends a unique flair. The dev. team is going to introducing a host of new additions in the upcoming open beta test, including new Legends, the new Dungeoneering mode, skilling, customization and fresh environments to quest through. “

Our community has been vocal in praising Chronicle’s evolutionary gameplay mechanics – it’s the only CCG that offers a huge sense of adventure as each game plays out. By playing four cards at once, the rules are very different, which means so are the strategies, deck management and the play-by play-game experience.” Said Mark Killey, Senior Producer, Chronicle: RuneScape Legends. Skilling has been introduced alongside it, giving players the ability to level skills through various actions. As skills level, they will unlock new customization options.

Players will finally be able to make their Legend their own with Chronicle’s first collection of skins. These are earned by levelling up a Legend, or unlocking them within the Chronicle Store. With the resulting outfits, players will be able to customise their Legend and face their rival in style. Leaderboards: It’s not the winning, it’s the taking part that counts. Right? Screw that! Leaderboards will shine a light on those epic players that make up the best of the Bronze, Silver & Gold leagues. Every victory takes you one step closer to the top. Two new playable Legends will emerge with Venescula the Vampyre entering the fray as Chronicle’s fifth playable character, bringing 30+ new cards and a brand new way to play with her – blood will be spilt!

The sixth Legend to be introduced is Morvan, the greatest Slayer Master that players can lead through his own monstrous style of questing. The player is cast as the wielder of an Elder Artefact known as the Needle, and must nurture and protect Gielinor, “doing whatever it takes – from fishing trout to grappling with the gods – to help those who call it home”. Since the project is being developed externally Jagex said players need expect no impact on the venerable MMORPG. It suggested fans might like to buy rs gold use Idel Adventures as a second screen distraction while playing RuneScape prime. More details will be revealed in a Twitch stream this week.

Runescape: A new mode that tasks players with creating a drafted deck and battling their way through ever increasing PvP challenges. Draft your way to victory in a quest for Coins, Gem Shards and Platinum. “In a typical session, you’ll spend a few minutes making choices for your customisable hero, then leave him or her to train, fight and quest in real time. Chilled-out, low-intensity gameplay sits alongside deep character progression and a light-hearted, comedic story, with nuggets of RuneScape lore unveiled as you progress.”

Skilling: Core to the wider RuneScape experience is Skilling, and Chronicle will continue that legacy by introducing its own system. Every action performed in Chronicle will grant experience points in one of the game’s skills which will then lead to some juicy customisation unlocks. New playable Legends like the vampiric Vanescula, and the soon to be released Slayer Master Morvran, will further expand the strategies available in PvP matches, and make pre-planning increasingly redundant in rs gold the face of reactive, on-the-fly gameplay – and it’s relentlessly addictive.

Lots of new features can be added in NBA 2K17

The NBA 2K17 development team has aspired to join the exciting world of eSports for years,” Visual Concepts president Greg Thomas said in the press release. NBA 2K17 would have been our sports game of the year, but legacy issues like horrible servers once again undermined an otherwise outstanding game. If developer Visual Concepts can shore up these weaknesses and add some new wrinkles to the game’s many modes, we wouldn’t be surprised to see NBA 2K17 contend for best sports game once again. Here we recommend several tweaks – some obvious, some out of the box – to put the series in a position to succeed.

For the past few game launches, the NBA 2K games have been stuck in a Groundhog Day-like cycle of repetition. You boot up the new game excited to jump into the action, only to be denied by myriad session drops, laggy performance, and lost progress. All hands should be on deck to figure out a way to make this stop once and for all. The tech exists to stabilize this platform. Spend what you need to make this an issue of the past. 2K has always done a great work on it and they have included all the great teams which are legends of They can add a improved tutorial for learning new skills. So share you wishlist feature and ideas of NBA 2K17 in the comments below.

I believe NBA 2K17 has been a great game, but lots of new features can be added. Let ‘s move on to the NBA 2K17 feature wish-list: Every year the game improved a lot, and for NBA 2K17 fans would love to see I actually emailed EA about ideas. First half but you can still see how the players are playing just like NBA does. It makes sense that the NBA 2K series hasn’t made more of an esports push before. If you’re going to make a play for esports, your servers have to handle the load. That’s something the NBA 2K series hasn’t had a great track record in the last couple of years.

Although NBA 2K17 maybe the developers hope to alleviate any issues by having the competition start well after the release. According to a the highly popular basketball video game, NBA 2K17, has received a roster update from developer Visual Concepts. The latest brings new shoes, tweaks and other changes Here is the latest batch of file additions for NBA 2K17 PC! Today’s new files include a court update for the Portland Trail Blazers, a couple of jersey updates for Check out the NBA 2K17 locker codes release here at the Bitbag.

Here are several NBA 2K17 My Career Tips to nba 2k17 coins build a successful career as an NBA Star at any Position, these tips will benefit Park play as well. Deciding between buying a new tee shirt or improving your jump shot is a stupid choice players shouldn’t have to make. Visual Concepts could remedy this by awarding upgrade points for performance and by paying players a regular cash-based salary like real NBA players so they can use that money on off-the-court items.

We’d also like to see Visual Concepts expand the types of things you can buy in the game. Drop the clothing and accessory prices (which only nba 2k17 mt coins makes sense since most NBA athletes are millionaires) and introduce a new collection of high-priced luxury items for us to waste our earnings on. Think of it as MyCrib 2.0, with a selection of high-rise apartments to choose from, custom home courts, private planes, and a slew of off-field activities that users must balance against the expectations the franchise has for the player on the court.